Laughing Lymphercise™
Laugh, Breathe, Move

Deceptively simple and disarmingly fun, Laughing Lymphercise™ is a safe and easy exercise program providing Lymphedema education, prevention strategies and management information. It combines the accessibility of Laughter Yoga ( with sound principles of physiotherapy.

Originally created as a response to Lymphedema resulting from cancer treatment, this program serves those with either primary or secondary Lymphedema as well as anyone who would benefit from a gentle workout, especially during the time following surgery when a middle way must be taken to promote movement without over-exerting oneself. The focus, as you will see, is on post-cancer treatment.

Cancer and Lymphedema: If you have had Lymph nodes removed and Radiation, you are at a lifetime risk of Lymphedema, which is a swelling of the affected limb ( or trunk, neck, back, chest wall or groin) caused by an accumulation of Lymph fluid due to damaged Lymphatic pathways.

Lymphedema is a chronic, incurable condition. It is often misdiagnosed and if left untreated, can become serious and debilitating. For a brief overview and helpful LINKS and RESOURCES PLEASE VISIT OUR SISTER SITE